God of War Ragnarok Conscience of the Dead Bug Glitch Gunhilds Ghost not Appearing

God of War Ragnarok Conscience for the Dead Bug: Why Isn’t Gunhild’s Ghost Appearing?

There is a bug in the Conscience for the Dead quest in God of War Ragnarok. Unfortunately, this means some players can’t complete the favor. The prize you get from completing the quest isn’t a huge deal. However, completionists will be annoyed at this glitch preventing them from hitting 100%.

Why can’t I find Gunhild’s ghost in Conscience for the Dead in God of War Ragnarok?

There’s currently a bug in God of War Ragnarok that prevents Gunhild’s ghost from spawning at the end of the Conscience for the Dead quest. So you can kill the Seidr Fanatics and proceed as usual. But, when it tells you to talk to Gunhild’s ghost again, she’s nowhere to be found.

It’s unknown what causes this bug. We were able to play through the quest on our pre-release copy. So, we assume it’s a fringe case or a bug caused by a post-launch patch.

Unfortunately, there’s no fix for the bug right now. Reloading an older save may help. However, without knowing the specific trigger, you could revert hours of progress and end up running into the same issue.

The best course of action is to wait until the God of War Ragnarok is patched again. However, the quest is a relatively minor one, and there’s no use in losing progress over it.