Pokemon Scarlet ROM Leak

Pokemon Scarlet XCI ROM Leak Reportedly Circulating Before Release Date

A Pokemon Scarlet XCI ROM leak is reportedly making the rounds on the internet before the game’s official release date of November 18. Despite Nintendo’s best efforts against piracy, a ROM of the full game is apparently being played on hacked Switch consoles and PC, including the Steam Deck, through the use of Switch emulators. However, those playing via the latter method are reporting various issues and emulation is far from perfect.

So far, it doesn’t seem like a Pokemon Violet XCI is also in circulation. As always, we won’t be sharing links or instructions concerning the Pokemon Scarlet ROM for legal reasons.

Pokemon Scarlet ROM leak is one of many Nintendo leaks

The Pokemon Scarlet XCI leak is par for the course for Nintendo. Despite efforts to curb the issue, the company’s games almost always leak before launch. Just a week ago, we reported that a Pokemon Go leak had revealed a brand new creature in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

While the floodgates haven’t opened yet, at least one person is livestreaming the game on Trovo, Tencent’s equivalent of Twitch. Now that the ROM is in the wild, expect to see datamines and info drops galore. If you want to avoid spoilers for the game, it’s best to stay off social media until the official launch on November 18.