God of War Ragnarok Stuck in Yggdrasil

God of War Ragnarok Stuck in Yggdrasil, Realm Travel Softlock Fix

Several players are experiencing a frustrating God of War Ragnarok stuck in Yggdrasil glitch on PS5 and PS4. This bug essentially results in a Realm Travel softlock that prevents players from progressing in the game. In particular, a door that’s supposed to let you exit doesn’t spawn for some reason. Here’s how to fix the God of War Ragnarok stuck in Yggdrasil bug.

How to fix God of War Ragnarok stuck in Yggdrasil bug

If you are stuck in Yggdrasil, you can either attempt to reload your game or wait for the door to spawn. According to various threads (linked below), some players have found a solution by doing one of the following:

  • Closing and reloading the game from both manual saves and auto saves.
  • Wait for several hours for the portal to appear.
    • This user apparently slept for six hours and let the game run inside Yggdrasil before it appeared.
  • Delete the game and re-download it from scratch.
    • This is a last resort, but downloading the full game again worked for this player.

Variations of this issue have been reported by players on the God of War Reddit, with many getting stuck in the “Old Friends” quest. However, it looks like the entire World Tree area is the source of the glitch, so getting stuck in Yggdrasil seems like it can happen at any time you’re there.

Hopefully, Santa Monica Studio has seen multiple reports of this glitch and will fix this issue in a future patch.

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