IT pennywise prequel tv series welcome to derry hbo max release date

IT Pennywise Prequel Series: Release Date Rumors, Cast, Plot

There’s a Stephen King’s It Pennywise prequel series in the works for HBO Max and details are already beginning to float down here. The Pennywise HBO Max show will act as a prequel to the movies. Here’s everything currently known about the It prequel series release date, announced and expected cast, crew, and any story leaks or details.

What is the Pennywise prequel series release date?

The It prequel show will likely launch in 2024 at the earliest. The series will release exclusively on HBO Max in the U.S. and the streaming service has given It a full series production commitment. Nevertheless, It is still only in development right now so the series is unlikely to appear in 2023.

Who is in the It TV series cast?

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At the moment there are no confirmed cast members for the It prequel. However, it is expected that Bill Skarsgård will return to the role of Pennywise. He previously expressed an interest in a prequel exploring Pennywise’s origins when It: Chapter Two released. Plus, it is hard to imagine the show going forward without Skarsgård’s involvement as the iconic clown.

It Pennywise HBO Max series story leaks and rumors

The It TV show is currently operating under the title ‘Welcome to Derry,’ although this will likely change during production. The show is reported as being set in the 1960s during the previous murders by the It creature prior to It: Chapter One’s 1980s setting. Interestingly, this is roughly the time Stephen King’s original novel was set, at least with the kid sections.

The prequel show will supposedly explore the origins of Pennywise the Clown. While the It creature itself is a timeless monster, Pennywise is a form it takes on to talk to children. The movies seemed to establish that the actual Pennywise lived either in Victorian times or at the turn of the century, so this may involve other characters investigating the creature — unlike in the movies, though, these characters will likely not get a happy ending.