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Will Harrison Ford Star in the Indiana Jones Disney Plus Series?

It looks like fans may get to see an Indiana Jones Disney Plus TV series, but is Harrison Ford in it? Harrison Ford is Indiana Jones, after all, and unlike Star Wars, the franchise isn’t much without him. Could fans see an Indiana Jones TV Harrison Ford cameo, or maybe even have him as the star?

Will the Indiana Jones Disney Plus series feature Harrison Ford?

It is possible that Harrison Ford might appear in the Indiana Jones TV series on Disney Plus, but he is unlikely to star in it. Ford previously suggested that the next Indiana Jones movie is likely his last as Henry Jones, Jnr, so he is probably done playing the role.

IMAGE: Lucasfilm

Nevertheless, a small cameo role might not be out of the question. Harrison Ford appeared in an episode of the ’90s prequel series The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, where he bookended the episode as the person telling the story. George Hall played an elderly Indiana Jones doing the same in other episodes. It’s possible Disney may get Harrison Ford to do the same thing if the show is another prequel series.

Of course, it depends on what kind of show it is. If it’s a spin-off from the upcoming movie or an animated series, then it doesn’t need Ford to appear at all. Likewise, if it’s a prequel series like The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, then Lucasfilm just needs to find an actor to play a young Harrison Ford — as it did with Alden Ehrenreich in Solo: A Star Wars Story. Fans will just have to wait and see.

For everything that’s currently known about the Indiana Jones TV series, such as release date rumors and possible cast, click on that link. The still-untitled Indiana Jones 5 is due to release in June 2023. There is also a new Indiana Jones game coming from Bethesda and Machine Games, the creators of the new Wolfenstein games — which also involve beating up Nazis.