Halo Infinite Crashing

Halo Infinite Crashing, Freezing, Server Problems Fix After Winter Update

The newly released Winter Update is causing numerous instances of Halo Infinite crashing, freezing, or otherwise not working. While the update finally introduces the highly anticipated co-op campaign and Forge beta, many players are encountering dedicated server problems and overall stability issues. This can mostly be chalked up to normal hiccups at launch for substantial updates, especially for Halo Infinite, but some technical problems stem from faulty Nvidia drivers on PC.

Halo Infinite crashing fix for PC

Some players on Halo Waypoint, the Halo Infinite Reddit, and Twitter report Halo Infinite crashing after both downloading the Winter Update and updating their drivers on PC. If you are experiencing similar issues, you may not be aware that a Nvidia graphics driver, specifically version 526.47, has been identified by 343 Industries as a source of these crashes. The developer recommends that you install the new hotfix drive update to resolve the issue.

Other problems with the dedicated server, as noted by some players on Halo Waypoint and Twitter, remain unresolved. This also includes reports of various skins and cosmetics going missing, particularly track armor coatings, for an undisclosed reason after installing the Winter Update. We recommend alerting 343 Industries in its official forums to address any missing items. Otherwise, you’ll likely need to wait for the developer to fix these problems and wait for the load on the servers to dip.