How to Increase Speed in Sonic Frontiers

Sonic Frontiers Go Faster: How to Increase Speed

Sonic can be surprisingly slow at the start of Sonic Frontiers, but you can learn how to increase speed so that he can become the Blue Blur he’s meant to be. Gotta go fast, right?! Just on a practical level, raising top speed is important since it improves basic traversal from one side of an island to the other and getting the coveted S rank in Cyber Space levels is very difficult without having a high max speed.

How do you make Sonic go faster in Sonic Frontiers?

How to Increase Speed in Sonic Frontiers

To raise Sonic’s top speed, you need to gather lost Kocos scattered throughout the game. These small critters are typically found in various landmarks on each island and are sometimes hidden in the environment, though you can normally locate them by their cries and whelps. After gathering the Kocos, you can trade 12 of them at the Elder Koco to increase Sonic’s top speed. You can also raise his maximum ring capacity too, but we recommend upgrading top speed first and foremost.

Like Sonic’s other stats, you can raise his overall speed up to level 99 by trading in Kocos. Getting 12 Kokos of them might sound like a lot, but you can also collect Kocos through the fishing mini-game. As a note, though, you may not want to upgrade Sonic’s speed too much, as he can become harder to control at top speeds, but getting used to that is a part of what makes Sonic games great in the first place.

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