Nintendo Switch Price Increase

Nintendo Switch Price Increase May Happen After Xbox and PS5 Price Hike

After Sony and Microsoft raised the prices of the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S respectively, Nintendo has implied that a Nintendo Switch price increase may have to happen after all. The company’s latest financial results revealed sales of the console are still struggling due to component shortages and inflation is taking its toll.

Nintendo Switch price increase won’t happen just yet

During the latest Nintendo earnings call, Nintendo was asked whether they will raise the prices of their Nintendo Switch console. The company replied that a price increase won’t happen at the moment but the situation is being monitored carefully and they may need to take action in the future, as translated by Bloomberg reporter Takashi Mochizuki.

When Sony increased the price of their PS5 console in August, both Nintendo and Microsoft insisted their consoles would cost the same for now. Xbox CEO Phil Spencer has since hinted at an Xbox Series X|S price hike, shortly before this did indeed happen in India. Now it seems like Nintendo will be breaking its viewpoint that they can’t increase the price of products they have already released.

Nintendo has explained how they’re still selling fewer Switch consoles than estimated due to the ongoing component shortage. They’re now hoping to increase production and improve supply ready for the holiday season.