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Will Bautista and Terry Crews Be In Gears of War Movie?

In a surprise announcement, Netflix confirms that a Gears of War movie and even an animated series are in production. However, the most important question fans have is, will they see a Gears of War Netflix movie with Dave Bautista and Terry Crews in starring roles?

Gears of Wars movie: Dave Bautista and Terry Crews to star?

It is possible that Dave Bautista and Terry Crews could star in the Gears of War movie, potentially as Marcus Fenix and Augustus Cole. However, at the moment Netflix has not announced anything apart from the live-action movie, an adult animated series, and “the potential for more.”

Nevertheless, fans of Gears of War immediately started tweeting their support for Bautista and Crews to be in the movie. Both actors have previously expressed their desire to be in a Gears movie. Dave Bautista actually appears in Gears 5 as a multiplayer character and donned the armor in an ad for it.

The idea of either actor being cast in Netflix’s Gears of War movie isn’t that far-fetched, either. Aside from fan support, both are excellent actors who are also fans of the games. Dave Bautista also has a particularly good relationship with Netflix and its movies, as he starred in the service’s highly successful Army of the Dead and will appear in the upcoming Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery.

Bautista also has the support of Gears of War creator Cliff Bleszinski, who also wants to see a Latino actor for Dom, Ryan Reynolds as Baird, and for Netflix to “keep Chris Pratt away from the Gears franchise, please.” After the recent reaction to Pratt as another popular videogame character, that seems a good idea.

The Gears of War movie and animated series currently do not have a release date but will launch exclusively on Netflix.