Marvel Snap Patch Notes

Marvel Snap Patch Notes Update Adds Nick Fury to Random Pool

The latest Marvel Snap patch notes have provided details on a much-needed update for card balancing and bug fixes. Some of the main highlights are the inclusion of Nick Fury as an addition to the Random Pool, Daredevil being available in Card Series 3, and Titles being added to the reward pool for Collector’s Reserves. Fortunately, that’s just the tip of the iceberg for the full November 3 patch notes, which we’ll break down below.

Marvel Snap patch notes for November 3

Here is a quick rundown of the most important updates within the Marvel Snap November 3 patch notes:

  • Titles have been added as a new feature and can be earned in the reward pool for Collector’s Reserves
  • Character logos have been added to Avatars
  • Boosters earned after a match will favor cards with less than 20 owned Boosters
  • Foil and Prism card mods are more visible
  • Card upgrade cutscenes can be skipped or sped up
  • Nick Fury has been added to the Random Pool, from X-Mansion and Agent 13
  • Daredevil is available in Card Series 3
  • Wolfsbane and Dagger now count unrevealed cards for Power gains
  • Text improvements for non-English languages
  • New location sounds for seven areas including Muir Island and The Nexus

The full patch notes also detail improvements for the PC port, including the ability to resize the gameplay window while retaining 60 FPS. In addition to a long list of bug fixes, the Marvel Snap developers are aware of various issues that it still need to address like cost reductions issues with Miles Morales, overly long turns caused by Bar Sinister, and the season roll not working properly if you don’t claim the Rank 5 reward.

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