(Photo illustration by Jakub Porzycki/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

Twitter Verified Accounts Risk Blue Ticks By Changing Names to Protest Elon Musk

A new trend starting today has seen Twitter verified accounts change names to protest against the new policies of Elon Musk since he purchased the social media platform last week. For many the most controversial change has been an $8 monthly charge to those wishing to display the verified blue tick, and the new protest is seemingly meant to show how ridiculous the situation could be in the future.

A growing number of Twitter verified accounts have changed names

A growing number of verified accounts are changing their names on Twitter to become Elon Musk parody accounts. Some are taking things more seriously than others, with some merely changing their names and others going for the profile picture, bio, and parody tweets.

Their main complaint is that Musk has promised to change the verification process. Not only will there be an $8 per month charge to have a blue tick next to your name, but the process is being simplified too. People will no longer need to provide documents to prove their identity, completely paving the way for a whole load of fake accounts to soon appear, a point the current protest seems to be trying to prove.

Of course, the changes to the verification process aren’t the only thing Musk has done to Twitter since his arrival. Today was the start of mass layoffs at the company in the face of dwindling revenues, something he blames on “activist groups pressuring advertisers”. Just the thought of the site being sold was also cause for people to threaten to delete their accounts too.