manifest season 4 part 2 release date netflix
Melissa Roxburgh as Michaela Stone in Manifest Season 4 / Cr. Scott McDermott/Netflix © 2022

When Could the Manifest Season 4 Part 2 Release Date Be On Netflix?

Now that the first batch of Manifest Season 4 episodes have landed on Netflix, fans are wondering when they will be able to watch the series reach its ultimate conclusion. While the streaming platform haven’t yet given a concrete release date for Manifest Season 4, Part 2, we can make some predictions based on the release patterns of shows they have split into two parts in the past…

When will Manifest Season 4, Part 2 be released?

manifest season 4 part 2 release date netflix
(L to R) Luna Blaise as Olive Stone, Luna Blaise as Olive Stone in Manifest Season 4 / Cr. Netflix © 2022

Manifest Season 4, Part 2 will likely be released in around three months from the release of Part 1. Other Netflix series, such as Stranger Things and Ozark, have had seasons split into two parts in the past. Stranger Things Season 4 released Volume 1 on May 27, 2022, before Volume 2 dropped five weeks later, on July 1. This, however, was an untraditional season split. Rather than cutting the episodes right down the middle, fans had to wait for the final two episodes simply because of the sheer runtime of the season.

We can look to the final season of Ozark, which consisted of 14 episodes in total, for a clearer view of where Netflix’s head may be at when it comes to Manifest. The first seven episodes of Season 4 were released on January 21, 2022, before the final seven episodes arrived on the streaming platform on April 29. This was a 14-week break between episodes. If Manifest follows the same pattern, we can expect Manifest Season 4, Part 2, to debut on February 10, 2023.

Of course, that isn’t set in stone. Netflix could pull a fast one on fans, releasing the final batch of Manifest episodes either sooner or later than we predict. Whatever the case may be, it would be a good idea to get caught up on the series as soon as possible, to avoid the spoilers that will undoubtedly be flying around on social media.