New Overwatch 2 Hero

New Overwatch 2 Hero Reveal Stream Date Announced

Activision Blizzard has revealed that we will “get an early look” at the new Overwatch 2 hero during The Overwatch League Grand Finals, according to a tweet on the game’s official Twitter account. The OWL Grand Finals will air tomorrow, Friday, November 4 starting at 7:00 pm PT / 10:00 pm ET. We’re not sure if the developers will reveal the next Overwatch 2 hero before or after that exact time, so we recommend checking in about a half-hour earlier on the stream just to make sure you don’t miss the announcement.

Who will the new Overwatch 2 hero be?

Early speculation and leaks suggests that the next Overwatch 2 hero will be Mauga. Aaron Keller, the director for the game, initially revealed during a conversation with the Overwatch League hosts that the new hero was going to be “someone that players have seen before” and indicated that the hero was a “he.”

Putting all the information together, it does look like Mauga is the prime candidate. Appearing before in Overwatch comics as a friend of Baptiste, Mauga calls himself a “big dumb brute,” but he’s actually not as dumb as he acts. Whomever the new hero will be, the character will be available when Season 2 releases on December 6. Hopefully by then, Mei will return to the fold, and the PvE will arrive sooner than later.