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Netflix Ads Plan Error Fix: ‘Your Plan Does Not Support Streaming on This Device’

With the new tier available in the US and worldwide, a Netflix ads plan error fix might be required for anyone trying to access the streaming service in unexpected ways. Users report a Netflix Chromecast issue using the ad-supported tier, so is there a fix in order to get it or other streaming devices working with the new plan?

Is there a Netflix ads plan error fix for Chromecast?

At the moment, there is no fix to allow Chromecast or other unsupported devices to work with the new Netflix ad-supported plan. Anyone who tries to use Chromecast to stream Netflix from a PC or laptop will find that it simply won’t work and will see the following error message:

“Your plan does not support streaming on this device. Go to Your Account online to change your plan.”

The error code is aip-703, R7111-1331. Seemingly, the new Netflix Basic with Ads tier does not support all devices. Netflix mentions on its help pages that the new ad-supported plan is only available on “supported” devices and that a “small percentage” of devices — which work with the usual Basic tier — are unavailable on the ads plan. Journalist David Friend on Twitter identified that Chromecast was one of these unsupported devices, but it sounds like there may be others.

Anyone who has Chromecast or another device that is not supported by the new Netflix ads plan will get this error message trying to use it. They will either have to upgrade to the ad-free Basic plan for $9.99 or use an alternate streaming method.

The new Netflix Basic with Ads plan is available in the US for a cheaper price, but as subscribers can see, it has a few catches. Here’s how the new Netflix ad-supported tier works, along with a list of other issues users can expect.