Overdose Xbox Cloud Support

Overdose Leaked Gameplay Video Suggests Xbox Cloud Support

A new Overdose leaked gameplay video has emerged in the wake of a handful of images from Hideo Kojima’s unannounced game earlier this week. A window in the bottom corner of the screen seems to show a player using a mobile phone to give inputs to the character, suggesting Overdose could well be the game Kojima Productions is developing with Xbox Cloud support.

Mobile controls tease Overdose Xbox Cloud support

The leaked Overdose footage appears to show Margaret Qualley‘s character in a blue dress roaming the dilapidated corridors of an abandoned laboratory building while wielding only a torch to protect herself from the supernatural creatures that seem to be trying to hunt her down.

Through cloud support, a player is using a mobile phone to give inputs to the character, including where Qualley points the torch, which direction she heads in, and revealing other points of interest in the background.

Many believe this footage to be of the Xbox cloud game that was teased during E3 seeing as the game does not appear to be Death Stranding 2 and Kojima is only confirming to have two projects in progress right now. We won’t be linking to the leaked gameplay video here although it can be seen on exPuter.