avatar the way of water trailer sigourney weaver reaction

Avatar The Way of Water Trailer: Fans React to ‘Weird’ Sigourney Weaver Casting

The official Avatar: The Way of Water trailer has finally dropped, just over a month before the general Avatar 2 release date, and it gives a far better look at the sequel than the teaser did. In particular, it revealed the new Avatar: The Way of Water Sigourney Weaver character Kiri, and fans online have reacted positively and negatively to the interesting casting choice.

Avatar The Way of Water trailer introduces the new Sigourney Weaver character

The latest trailer for Avatar: The Way of Water is below and it mostly focuses on the returning Jake (Sam Worthington) and his daughter Kiri (Sigourney Weaver). Their tribe will link up with other tribes on the oceans of Pandora, as they fight off further attacks by the human forces, who really didn’t take the loss in the first movie well.

The trailer mostly gives fans the chance to hear one of the more curious casting choices director James Cameron made for the movie: Sigourney Weaver, who is in her 70s, playing Jake’s teenage daughter. Weaver was in the first Avatar as Dr. Augustine but died, and her character was not related to either Jake or Neytiri (Zoe Saldaña).

After the release of the new trailer, fan reaction to Weaver’s voice has been mixed. Some believe she simply “does not work” as a teenager or were just outright confused by the casting.

Others agree that the choice is weird or even funny but are fine with it, and are looking forward to the final movie.

Generally speaking, however, the reaction seems to have been positive and many are looking forward to Avatar: The Way of Water. As for why Kiri sounds like Sigourney Weaver despite her character not being related to Jake or Neytiri in the first movie, Kiri is apparently their adopted daughter — so there may be some story implications for Weaver’s casting that fans are not currently aware of.

Avatar: The Way of Water opens on December 16.