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Elden Ring DLC Leaked in Datamine, Includes New Dungeon and Tons of Bosses

Upcoming Elden Ring DLC has seemingly been leaked, including details surrounding a new dungeon and a bunch of new bosses. The leak stems from information in the game’s files datamined by Twitter user @sekirodubi, who has posted their findings to the platform.

Elden Ring DLC leaks explained

According to Sekiro Dubi, the datamined files reveal several key bits of information that point to upcoming DLC for FromSoftware’s RPG. This includes a new area titled ‘Underground Dungeon Ark,’ which contains an unused boss, along with 30 new boss flags. While Sekiro notes that this doesn’t mean as many as 30 bosses will be added, the game at least contains that much space for them, according to the dataminer.

Sekiro also previously revealed that new text banners had been added as part of Elden Ring’s 1.07 update, which display the messages “You Win,” “You Lose,” “Draw,” and Begin Match.” This suggests that a PvP update will be coming, related to Colosseum arenas that were also datamined.

Sekiro referenced these Colosseums in a tweet to The Game Awards 2022 host and organizer Geoff Keighley, with many speculating that new DLC will be revealed during the show:

FromSoftware has yet to confirm that new Elden Ring DLC is on its way, but all signs point to a pending announcement. The Game Awards 2022 is set to take place on December 8, so perhaps Elden Lords will receive more information then.