Modern Warfare 2 Missing Features

Modern Warfare 2 Missing Features and Bad UI Criticized by Players

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 launched today to a lot of unhappy players after it seems like the multiplayer modes have a lot of missing features. Other MW2 players are criticizing the game’s bad UI and how distracting it can be during matches.

What features are missing from Modern Warfare 2?

Players have inevitably been comparing Modern Warfare 2 to previous Call of Duty games. Amongst the features missing from MW2 that could be found in previous games are:

There’s also the rumored map editor, an offline mode that supposedly lets players make changes to existing maps. Infinity Ward has never confirmed whether this mode actually exists, so there’s every chance this one will never come to fruition.

Meanwhile, players have been complaining about Modern Warfare 2’s Hulu-esque user interface since the open beta period. Seemingly designed to be compatible with Call of Duty Mobile, players dislike the horizontal scrolling while others find some mid-match elements too distracting, such as the chat window appearing in the middle of the screen.

Infinity Ward has promised game updates going forward, and it remains to be seen how soon it will be before some of these issues are fixed.