Modern Warfare 2 Hardcore Mode Missing

Modern Warfare 2 Hardcore Mode Missing: Where is Tier 1 in MW2?

Upon booting the game for the first time, players may be disappointed to find Modern Warfare 2‘s hardcore mode is missing. With the promise of an intense hardcore experience called “Tier 1,” players hoping to immediately jump in to try it are sadly unable to. Here’s why MW2’s hardcore mode is missing.

Why are MW2 hardcore modes missing?

Modern Warfare 2’s hardcore modes are missing because they haven’t yet been added to the game.

Developer Infinity Ward confirmed the absence of hardcore modes, known as Tier 1, in a tweet. Though Tier 1 won’t be available for launch, it will be “available soon.”

The tweet was a reply to an OP that listed all the modes that are in the game. It’s a pretty long list, so hopefully hardcore fans can find something they enjoy.

It’s not clear when exactly Tier 1 hardcore modes will be added to MW2, but here’s hoping it’s soon. Though most players stick to the regular modes, there are still many fans of the hardcore mode’s limited HUD, health, and other restrictions that can make for a more intense experience.

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