Hinomi H1 Pro Review

Hinomi H1 Pro Ergonomic Chair Review

The Hinomi H1 Pro isn’t your average mesh office chair as it has a number of unique bells and whistles that set it apart from the competition. This includes the ability to fold the chair in half, making it easier to store. The H1 Pro offers next-level adjustability that, at least on paper, gives it a fighting chance against other premium ergonomic options. Of course, the proof is in the testing, so here’s my experience after a month of using the H1 Pro, totaling around 250 hours of use during both work and play.

Get it built

Hinomi H1 Pro Review

First things first, I needed to transform a big brown box of chair parts into the Hinomi H1 Pro. Thankfully, assembly is made very simple and I managed to do it in under 10 minutes, which included the time to double-check the helpful video instructions. Slap on the wheels, pop in the base post, slot the chair on top, and then attach the headrest using the two included bolts. 

When it’s all built and set up the H1 Pro looks quite stylish and modern. While I’ve got the two-tone gaming red variant, Hinomi also offers this chair in gaming yellow, black, grey, coral red, and ice green. Compared to competing ergonomic chairs, the range of colors is generous.

Custom fit

So the assembly process is an absolute breeze. What takes the most time is fine-tuning the many adjustable aspects of the chair to be perfectly comfortable and encourage a healthy posture. While it’s not unusual to have to go through some trial-and-error with the lumbar support and armrests on these ergonomic-focused chairs, the H1 Pro has 12 adjustable points in total which makes for quite the setup process!

Hinomi H1 Pro Review

Of course, having those 12 adjustable points also means that users can make this chair extremely personalized to their body and how they sit. Spend enough time tuning the headrest, backrest, lumbar support, armrests, tilt tension, seat depth, and seat height and you end up with an incredible-feeling chair. It took me about a week to fully confirm which position I liked best with the lumbar support and headrest, so new buyers should be sure to take their time with it.

Successfully supportive

Hinomi H1 Pro Review

When you’ve set it up just right, the H1 Pro feels supportive in all the right places. Highlights include the wide headrest, which is very comfortable, and the shape of the chair edge, as it falls away smoothly instead of having an edge that juts out.

The adjustable lumbar support is also worth highlighting, as it can be fine-tuned to apply support in just the right spot. This is where many other gaming/office chairs fail by not putting ergonomics first. The H1 Pro encourages users to sit correctly for a healthier posture and better long-term benefits, rather than promoting a more slouched, hunched-over position.

Hinomi H1 Pro Review

Ergonomic chairs like the H1 Pro can take some getting used to, especially if you’ve been sitting in a slouched position for many years. However, over time, the benefits will make themselves known.

Put your feet up

Hinomi H1 Pro Review

While the H1 Pro is best used with users’ feet flat on the ground with knees at a 90-degree angle, Hinomi has included a retractable leg rest for those moments where relaxation is the main priority. The generous 136-degree recline can combine with the leg rest for a very laidback position. My only complaint here is that the leg rest has a rather large gap in the middle, making it difficult to comfortably cross my legs while using it. This could be an issue for users who tend to sit with one leg resting on top of the other.

Aside from the gap in the leg rest, I have very limited complaints. Initially, I did worry about the amount of plastic used in the build, but the H1 Pro seems super solid and has survived heavy, accelerated use of the recline and extensive sitting hours.

Flexibility is key

Hinomi H1 Pro Review

Overall, I’ve loved my time with the H1 Pro. I’ve always been a fan of mesh office chairs, as they offer great breathability, but they rarely feel sturdy enough. With Hinomi’s chair, I feel safe enough to recline and put my feet up, and I feel confident that it will hold up over time. What’s more, the way you can fold the whole thing in half and tuck it fully under a desk is extremely appreciated in small office setups like mine. I love that!

With major investments like this, warranty is also worth reading into. There is 10 years warranty for the skeletal frame, wheelbase, and polyamide frame, as well as five years warranty for the lumbar support, central mechanism hub, armrest mechanism, and castor mechanism. Hinomi, rather deviously, allows these warranty periods to each be extended by five years should customers be willing to share a photo of their chair on social media.

H1 Pro review sample was provided by Hinomi.

Final Verdict

Currently available for the rest of 2022 at £499 ($560), the Hinomi H1 Pro is currently cheaper than similar mesh chairs from Herman Miller and Steelcase, though those brands are more well-known. However, for those happy to put their faith and money into a relative newcomer, the H1 Pro delivers a fantastic seating experience, as well as unique features like the folding action, at a reasonable price point.

Positives and Negatives

  • Easy to unbox and build.
  • So much adjustability!
  • Very comfortable, once you set it up right.
  • Leg rest is a nice addition.
  • I love how it folds.
  • Price lines up closely with better-known competition.
  • Extended warranty requires social media post.
  • Can't comfortably cross legs on the leg rest.


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