Modern Warfare 2 Nuke

Modern Warfare 2 Nuke Gameplay Leaks Game-Ending MGB

A couple of days ago, Infinity Ward revealed a list of multiplayer killstreaks that will be included in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 when it launches on October 28. Despite this, there were rumors that a killstreak was missing from the list, namely a nuke. This has now been confirmed after Modern Warfare 2 nuke gameplay has leaked, revealing there are indeed game-ending mass guided bombs (MGB) as a killstreak.

How to get the Modern Warfare 2 game-ending nuke

Players can get their own Modern Warfare 2 nuke by getting a killstreak of 30, according to Twitter member lyashiobana who provided the leaked gameplay. Be aware that the gameplay does include strong language and is NSFW, so knock off the volume if you’re not watching at home.

While many players will be pleased with the confirmation of a nuke killstreak, others won’t be pleased to find it is a game-ending feature. The killstreak also seemingly rewards those who camp and wait for unaware enemies, providing an incentive for those who don’t want to play the match objective and who care more about their kill/death ratio than being a team player.

It’s uncertain whether the nuke will also be available as a scorestreak and what score will be needed to trigger it if so.