pokemon scarlet and violet new electric type pokemon

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s New Electric-Type ‘Bellibolt’ Revealed and It’s Pretty Ugly

The upcoming Nintendo Switch game Pokemon Scarlet and Violet has received a brand new Pokemon announcement, with a new Electric-type being introduced to the game called Bellibolt.

New Pokemon Bellibolt added to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Look at him.

Bellibolt was revealed by Game Freak in a new Japan-only presentation. The Electric-type is set to be the Partner Pokemon of Iono, a new gym leader who focuses on Pokemon with electricity-based abilities. Iono is the leader of Levincia’s gym and is a streamer and influencer, explaining her bubbly and over-the-top personality.

Bellibolt has the appearance of a giant frog, with eyes positioned either side of his head. His nostrils also make him look like he has two faces, so overall he’s a bit of an ugly guy, though charming in his own unfortunate kind of way.

Nonetheless, Pokemon fans are sure to take to him just as they do most new Pokemon additions, and him being Ioni’s Partner Pokemon means that players will see a lot more of him when Pokemon Scarlet and Violet releases later this year. We don’t yet know his abilities, with him not doing much else in the trailer aside from standing around and looking pretty goofy.

The presentation, broadcast on the Japanese Pokemon YouTube channel, also revealed that there would be a part 2 in the near future. So we’ll likely receive more information about Ioni and Bellibolt in the near future.

Watch the trailer below: