Humankind Release Date

Humankind Release Date Indefinitely Delayed on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series Consoles

Sega Europe, Aspyr, and Amplitude Studios have announced that they have delayed the Humankind release date for consoles to an unspecified time. The original release date for PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One was scheduled to be in less than a month on November 4, 2022. The developers still promise that the game will be arriving on consoles eventually.

Humankind release date delay on consoles “due to some unique challenges”

The only reasoning given for the Humankind release date delay is that the developers are vaguely facing “unique challenges” for the console port. The announcement comes seemingly out of blue with the game so close to its originally intended date. Given that Humankind runs on the Unity engine, it doesn’t seem as though there should be too many challenges with porting the graphics over at the very least. Perhaps the abrupt end to Google Stadia, which the game originally released on back in August 2021, impacted development more than expected.

That said, the developers remain committed to bringing “the best possible Humankind experience to console players” according to a press release:

We can’t give a timeframe on a new release date right now, but as soon as we are in a position to do so, we will let everyone know and we thank the community for their continued support and understanding.

Amplitude Studios will continue work on Humankind’s first major expansion called Together We Rule, which will release on PC on November 9.