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Fortnite Teen Titans Crossover to Feature Starfire Skin and More – Report

The Fortnite Teen Titans crossover will be continuing with the introduction of Starfire, who will reportedly arrive very soon. According to sources with Exputer, in a report which known insider Tom Henderson supports, the Starfire skin will release on September 2. As Rebirth Raven and Beast Boy were added to Fortnite in 2021 as a part of Chapter 2 Season 6, she will be the third character from the Teen Titans universe to be added to the game.

Fortnite Starfire leaks explained

Unfortunately, details are thin on what the Starfire skin will be like. Since she will be allegedly appearing within a week or so, updates and patches will soon have information that dataminers can extract to see if this report can be verified. Of course we can suspect that Starfire will come with her own accessory, be it a backpack or pickaxe. We hope that she comes with some kind of green projectile blast at the very least.

Last year, players were able to unlock the Beast Boy Outfit and Couch Titan Back Bling before they hit the item shop by competing in the Teen Titans Cup. Within a specific three-hour time window, players could enter up to 10 matches to win rewards including a loading screen and spray. So a similar tournament for the Starfire release wouldn’t be out of step. Rebirth Raven was obtained by reaching Level 77 on the Chapter 2 Season 6 Battle Pass, so we might see Starfire as an unlockable instead, though the Battle Pass rewards for the current Chapter 3 Season 3 are already known.

It’s unclear why it took a year for Starfire to make her way into the game. A part of the delay may be due to DC Comics going through layoffs and restructuring. The company is now a subsidiary of Warner Bros. Discovery after the merger was completed in April. Hopefully, this newfound stability increases the likelihood that both Cyborg and Robin will be arriving in Fortnite in the future, if just to complete the full classic Teen Titans team.

In other news, Nintendo has confirmed that the price increase for the Switch will not be happening after the PS5 price hike, and Embracer has completed the deal for Crystal Dynamics, Eidos Montreal, and more.

[Source: Exputer]