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MultiVersus’ Season 1 Battle Pass is a Big Disappointment

MultiVersus season 1 has arrived and with it a brand new Battle Pass, containing new skins, banners, stickers, and more for players to unlock. However, many are expressing their disappointment at what has been included, saying that it isn’t worth the price of entry.

Why the MultiVersus Battle Pass is disappointing

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The Premium Battle Pass costs 950 Gleamium, which roughly translates to $10. For that players get 50 tiers of additional content, starting with a Tune Squad ’96 Taz variant and concluding with the Brunhilde Bugs variant.

For those with just the free Battle Pass, there are only 26 tiers of content, with many levels of the Battle Pass not containing any rewards. Additionally, across both the free and Premium Battle Pass, there are a number of useless rewards such as Toast — the in-game currency you can give to players you’ve enjoyed playing with. Nine tiers in the 50-tier Premium Battle Pass contain nothing but Toast.

Another problem is the complete lack of Gleamium given to players throughout the Battle Pass. Gleamium is MultiVersus’ premium currency, predominantly used to purchase new skins, and unlike Fortnite which allows you to obtain V-Bucks through its Battle Pass, the only way to get Gleamium is to part with your cold hard cash. When you consider some of the ridiculous prices for MultiVersus’ skins — the new ‘Jake the Starchild’ variant costs 1,500 Gleamium, roughly $20 — no Gleamium being offered through the Battle Pass feels stingy.

No new Legendary skins

multiversus season 1 battle pass disappointing

And then there’s the issue with the Battle Pass content itself — considering the wealth of material for MultiVersus to work with, there’s nothing particularly exciting about many of the rewards offered. Is anyone thrilled by the prospect of unlocking a new Batman sticker? Or a banner of Harley Quinn’s hyenas? There are just five variant skins available through the Premium Pass, and one — yes, one — offered as part of the free version. To add insult to injury, no Legendary skins are included on either Battle Pass.

50 tiers of rewards certainly sounds like a lot until you see exactly what MultiVersus is offering, and it’s a big disappointment for the game’s first official season. We know that Rick and Morty are supposed to be released this season, and both Black Adam and Stripe from Gremlins are teased on the new opening screen, but this feels like a tight-fisted first effort from Warner Bros. and developer Player First Games.

There’s still more to come this season, with an arcade mode and ranked mode being added, but the key to long-term success for any multiplayer game is to keep your community entertained, particularly in those early months when the player base is at risk of dropping off. While this Battle Pass isn’t disastrous, it certainly isn’t the treasure trove of unlockables players were hoping for.