Stranger Things Season 5 Eddie Kas Theory Explained

You’ve probably stumbled across the Stranger Things Season 5 Eddie Kas theory if you’ve been searching for information on what might happen next. Part of this is understandably motivated by the hope that some characters of the show are still alive after the events in Season 4. So what does this “Kas theory” have to do with all this? Let’s break it down.

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The Stranger Things Kas Theory explained

Stranger Things Season 5 Eddie

Eddie Munson was essentially the rock-tastic bard in Season 4 who sadly but nobly sacrificed his life in the Upside Down to lure Vecna’s Demobats away from the main group. Well, at least we think he’s dead. The Demobats bit into Eddie multiple times and so it’s assumed that he bled out. With the majority of Hawkins believing that Eddie is a murderer and beyond redemption, there’s not much more we can ask out of his character as far as his story arc is concerned.

But many believe that Vecna isn’t done with him. As posted on Reddit and Tiktok, some think that Eddie will return in a similar vein to Kas, who in traditional D&D lore is a vampire who follows Vecna as a leader of his forces but ultimately betrays him at the end. Eddie has tattoos of a swarm of bats and some undead creature with puppet strings. So being killed by demonic bats is either poetic or a hint that he could become a vampire. Eddie is also seen wielding a spear and trash-can shield with nails, resembling the sword and spiked shield of Kas. Is that enough evidence?

Well, actually no. It’s a good theory generously fueled by wish fulfillment, but showrunners The Duffer Brothers understand D&D lore very well. Eddie’s allusions to Kas would be almost too much on the nose. Besides, if anyone is “Kas,” it’s most likely Eleven. She met Henry, learned from him, but then betrayed and banished him to the Upside Down, turning Henry into Vecna. She also scarred Vecna’s arm and eye. All of this is very close to the story of Kas and Vecna in D&D.

That said, while Eddie may not be Kas exactly, his story may still not be over. While The Duffer Brothers confirmed that he’s “officially dead” on a Happy Sad Confused podcast, they also confirmed that Hopper was “dead” in the past too. If the creators do bring him back, though, it will hopefully be in a way that doesn’t cheapen his noble sacrifice.

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