Pokemon Scarlet vs. Violet which to buy differences

Should I Buy Pokemon Scarlet or Violet?: Differences Between Them

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are the first installments of the ninth generation of the Pokemon video game series, announced at the beginning of 2022. As with previous generations, these are two versions of the same game. So, one of the big decisions fans will have to make is which they should buy. Here’s every notable difference between Scarlet and Violet we know so far to help make your choice.

What are the differences between Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet?

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet offer similar gameplay and world; they only differ in terms of attires and exclusive Pokemon. Both the games will take us to an open world environment and in a new region. However, some rumors state that the games will occur in different timelines. Some players believe that Scarlet will take place in the past, while Violet will take us to the future. This seems a bit ambitious for a mainline Pokemon game. However, with Pokemon Legends: Arceus, we’ve seen that Game Freak is looking to try new things, so who knows?

As is tradition, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will feature two new Legendary Pokemon – Koraidon and Miraidon. The former will be exclusive to Scarlet, and the latter will be available to players who go for the Violet version. Koraidon looks like a red-colored Lizard, and Miraidon sports a blue color theme with a futuristic and electric appearance. Of course, we can also assume that there’ll be the standard 20 or so version-exclusive Pokemon that’s been a tradition since the first generation of games.

Apart from that, another difference between the versions is the default attire and crests. For example, buy Pokemon Scarlet. You will get orange clothing with the same colored crest on the left sleeve of your selected avatar. In contrast, by purchasing Pokemon Violet, you’ll see your avatar in a purple-colored outfit and crest.

Furthermore, both versions bring different professors who’ll guide you throughout the journey. Scarlet lets you meet Professor Sada, and Violet allows you to meet Professor Turo. Similar to the game’s two speculated timelines, the attire of both professors seems to be from different periods. Professor Sada’s outfit and her necklace give a cavewoman vibe. On the other hand, Turo flaunts a modern and futuristic outfit.

So, apart from version-exclusive Pokemon, professors, attire colors, and (potentially) timeline, we don’t know of other significant differences between both versions of the game as of now. If it continues the trends we’ve seen in previous generations, it doesn’t matter much which version you choose; you’ll get a similar gameplay experience. However, we’d wait for a full reveal to decide whether to buy Pokemon Scarlet or Violet.